How you can get FREE 6500$ AWS credit

aws free credit for startup
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Yes, you read it right, Amazon is giving free credits for startups

there is AWS activate program, AWS Activate offers two packages designed for startups, AWS Activate Founders (for startups without funding) and the AWS Activate Portfolio (for startups associated with an AWS Activate Provider).

You can get details from their website

If you are Indian then here are steps you can follow for getting free credits

for free credits, you must have a registered company of your startup and not a proprietor

Step 1:

The Indian government has support for startups and they have a website called startupIndia Home page For availing various benefits under the Startup India scheme, an entity would be required to be recognized by DIPP as a

first, register your profile on the startup India website and then apply for DPIIT

you can only get AWS credit if you are certified by DPIIT, so please fill correct details in the DPIIT form,

you will get a certificate and DPIIT recognization Number from startup india in 3–4 days max,

Step 2:

Now you can use startup India resources if you want any, there are many resources in startup India they can help startup in many ways

We are going to use AWS resource from startup India,

You have to send an email to startup India for organization id, write your certificate number and send an email from your registered email id to

Step 3:

now you can apply to AWS activate program with your org id,

you must have registered with AWS,

apply in Portfolio package with your org id,

Please fill in all the details of your startup and how you’re going to use those credit and what your startup is going to make

In 10–20 business day you will get your credit in your account and you will also receive an email for the same,

Enjoy the credits