How I cleared AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam by scoring 903 out of 1000!

AWS Certified Developer

Here, in this post I will not explain what is AWS exam is and why you should go for it because there are lots of articles on same, I will explain to you what I have done to clear the exam and what helped me most to pass this exam with good marks

there are the following most important points to take note

1.Don’t Watch Video Only

Don’t just watch videos, As I have done for the first three months, I have done big mistakes while learning and it took me three months of extra preparation for passing the exam, I was watching videos daily for one or two hours a day from a course purchased in udemy, but I never went through little practice or documentation to understand the concept, so after completing the course I forgot all the things I watched and it took me again three months to watch the course and do preparation,

In the second time of watching videos, what I have done is, every time I watch the video I have done little practice of that service and have read about that service for clearing concept in my mind so it can be remembered after a long time, also take notes while watching the video and read all these notes before going for the exam

2. Must do Practice Exam

there are lots of websites that have prepared practice exams for AWS, I will not suggest any name of website here, but the important point is you just have to give a practice exam before going for the actual exam, the advantage is you will be able to know are you ready for the exam or not by knowing the result of the practice exam, also the reaction of mind is most important in exam, we have to understand the question carefully and select the answer by rejecting the wrong answer one by one, so practice exam will make your mindset about how to react in exam

2. FAQ is also Important

when you are done with watching videos and reading about services give some time to read FAQ from AWS, from the FAQ you will find some important points that can be asked in the exam and also it will help to clear concepts about that service, you can also read AWS white papers to understand deeply about service

That’s it,

Best of Luck for the Exam…!